The importance of support in our marathon to a million

Posted on May 4, 2011

Having fully recovered from my first London Marathon (thanks for all the support!) have been thinking more about the parallels between the immense work that it has done for charity in the last 30 years, and the initiative that we have undertaken with the Millione Foundation. We set out to build twenty schools for children in Sierra Leone in West Africa and we can only achieve our goals with the support of others.


With 37 thousand runners I believe that the London Marathon is the largest single charity fundraising event in the world. This spirit of support is incredibly inspiring. It’s not only the runners who deserve applause but more importantly it is those who stand on the course supporting them or who donate towards the charities that they represent. When you hear how much money the marathon raises it shows what can be achieved when we stand together.


In our small way, we are looking to make an impact on the lives of young people in Sierra Leone, for whom a bright future can be possible following years of civil war. There are some fantastic people doing great work in the country, notably our partners ActionAid. The Millione Foundation’s work to sell our Frizzanté Rosé to fund school building will support them. And so in turn we continue to encourage you to support us.


Please tell your friends about Millione, or better yet, buy them a bottle and share it together. The wine is delicious and is perfect for the summer. Millione is great on it’s own or as an apertif or pair it with fresh seafood or creamy pasta. If we can harness even a tiny portion of the spirit of support that I felt during the marathon I know that we can achieve our goals.


Our pot of funds that will enable us to build the next school is slowly growing and if you are able to donate directly to this fund please do so by clicking on the ‘Donate Now‘button at the top of the page.


Thanks for your support.


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