The first schools have been completed!

Posted on Aug 5, 2011

This week we received a very exciting update from the team in Sierra Leone, regarding the first two schools being built with money raised through the sale of Millione Frizzante Rosé in the UK


The first two schools are the Calvary Lutheran Primary School in Up Mountain Community and the National Islamic Primary School in Up Town Bar community. You may have see the photos that we have posted, showing the progress of the building since it started in April.


The great news is that the construction has now been completed and the contractors are just doing the finishing touches. The school term starts in September and both schools will be ready for the kids when they return, eager to learn.


The schools each comprise six classrooms. In addition, the construction also includes new modern water wells for the community and the required toilet and sanitation facilities for the children. These may seem like simple items, but in rural Sierra Leone they are extremely valuable to the communities.


The fabrication furniture for both schools is in progress as I write this, in anticipation of the September school opening. The furniture will provide good quality seating space for all the children. The furniture includes desks and benches, tables and chairs for Headteachers and teachers, and cupboards for storing school materials.


Comparing the conditions in these communities when I first visited them to the pictures that we’ve received of the schools this week has really been inspiring. I will be returning to Sierra Leone in the coming months and can’t wait to speak to the teachers and pupils and to see the fruits of all of our supporters hard work and generosity.


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