The wine

Where to buy Millione

Millione is available at selected Sainsbury's stores (here's a convenient list to find your nearest stockist) as well as online at - simply type Millione into the search bar. For trade inquiries please contact Off-Piste Wines.

Millione Frizzante Rosé - the wine

Millione Frizzante Rosé is a delicious, light pink sparkling wine and is produced in Italy. The wine is made using Raboso grapes in the Veneto region, in the north east of the country. Raboso is a red grape that produces flavourful wines with relatively low alcohol. Millione Frizzante Rosé is produced exclusively for the Millione Foundation by Casa Vinicola Botter.

When to enjoy Millione Frizzante Rosé

Millione is the perfect anytime wine. It is versatile and suitable for just about any occasion. It’s especially great for entertaining, parties, receptions, and as an aperitif. And of course when the sun is out a well chilled bottle of sparkling rosé is perfect for picnics! We like to enjoy it with mates after work and we know it's great for those girls (or boys) nights in, just relaxing in front of the TV or with a good book.

Pairing sparkling rosé and food

Many people wouldn't associate a pink sparkling wine with food, but it can be excellent! Try it with fish or chicken dishes, or pair it with an indulgent desserts or dark chocolate puddings. Its crisp taste is great with pavlova and fresh fruits like strawberries, raspberries and red currants.

There is only one rule you should try not to break. Always drink it well chilled – preferable straight from the fridge, ice bucket or cooler.