Millione looks good, but does it taste good?

Posted on Jun 1, 2011

Introducing Millione on our home page we say that ‘it looks good… it tastes good… it does good.’ We have frequently communicated how it does good, and many people have told us they think it looks good. So does it really taste good? And what is this Frizzante business?

Wine is like music, books or art… some people like one type, some like others, some aren’t interested at all. There is no right or wrong, there is just personal preference (with no apology to the members of the Wine Purist Movement!). During my 25 years in the wine business I have got very used to this. As someone involved in choosing and blending wines in countries from Chile to Hungary, Italy to Australia, I picked up the skills of identifying which styles were most likely to please most tastes here in the UK. You can’t please all of the people all the time, but with experience you can please a lot of people most of the time.

But nothing prepared me for the response to Millione Frizzante Rosé. I am sure there must be some people out there who don’t like it, but since launch in July 2010 we have conducted many events with hundreds of people – with consistent and universal approval. This exceeds any other wine I have presented. No, I am not saying it is the best wine on earth. Just that the response shows it has a very popular, easy drinking style that people generally like a lot and just as important, doesn’t produce dislike.

We chose to make the wine in the Frizzante style partly because we thought it would have wide appeal. Frizzante is the term used in Italian wine production to denote lightly sparkling. This means it is about half as fizzy as Cava, Champagne or Prosecco. For the technically minded, the latter usually have between 4-5 bar of pressure, Frizzante only has about 2. The amount of pressure is controlled by the degree that sugars are fermented. The lesser fizz in Frizzante gives it a more elegant style than some of the more explosive fully sparkling wines – who hasn’t experienced bubbles up the nose when opening some bottles?

Do write in and tell us what you think of the taste of Millione. Why not also have a go at describing the flavours? How to talk about wine is a hot topic in the wine world, and will be a future blog topic…. Ciao!

PS: Millione won a COMMENDATION in the International Wine Challenge independent tasting by professional tasters in London in May 2011.

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