Millione launched!

Posted on Jul 8, 2010

Laithwaites Wine is the first retailer to have the wine available and their leaflet to many hundreds of thousands of customers lands on doorsteps tomorrow. Mike, Cliff and I have been planning for this day since last November. Compared to the normal process of developing new wines, seven months from idea to being on sale is very quick. It’s been an exhilarating ride to get here, and it’s just the beginning. If the millionth bottle sold is the peak of the mountain in front of us, we are walking round the corner as the mountain comes into view! It’s going to be fun to climb.

Friends who are not in the wine business ask us: Is a million bottles of Italian sparkling Rosé a lot or not? Will it be hard to sell this much? My answer is yes, it is a lot. How long it will take to sell the million depends on how fast we spread the word and how many people know about it. Everyone (and I honestly mean everyone) who we have given a sample to taste has really loved the wine. That’s from experienced retail wine buyers, the celebrity supporters to us normal folk. That’s rare. People have different tastes and we wouldn’t expect everyone to like the same thing. So we know it’s a winner.

So how has this all come together so quickly? In all my years in the wine business I have never had an experience like this. Everyone we have explained Millione to has ‘got it’ and said: Yes, we’ll take part in that! We like the wine, we like the idea, we like the ethos of connecting all the people involved. That’s the people who have made the wine possible, the consumers who buy it, the parents and kids in Sierra Leone, the many people at ActionAid. The support from the retailers is very pleasing for Mike, Cliff and I. From our decades spent in the wine business we know it is incredibly rare, maybe unique, to have such strong support for a wine and a project from so many large companies from the start. And there are many more retailers we have not yet had the resources to approach who we hope will be selling the wine over the months to come. The wine will appear in many major supermarkets during August and early September. No need to wait- call Laithwaites now!

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