What will you do when you reach a million bottles?
We will ask you what should happen next. We rely on you to buy the wine and tell your friends about it. We could keep going – set a new target, add another wine, find more Milliones, and help more people. Or we could stop, job done. We know what we would like to do!

Why did you choose a Frizzante Rosé for Millione?
Rosé symbolises celebration, and that’s what this is all about- people coming together for a good time with their friends knowing that parents and their kids in Sierra Leone are celebrating having an education. And also because it’s delicious, made especially for us, and everyone who tried it told us they loved it!

Why did you choose Sierra Leone?
Jerry, one of our founders, has had a long-term interest in development issues in Africa, and Sierra Leone needs development help. He has been a supporter of ActionAid for many years. ActionAid Sierra Leone are a great team who have been working in the country for 22 years before, during and after the civil war. They manage the projects and work with the local people to improve their lives. Jerry visited the communities and saw what could be done.

Why did you choose community primary schools?
Because education is the key to a better life. Without knowledge and skills little can change. Sierra Leone has invested mostly in secondary education – those kids who don’t get a primary education are not on the first step of the ladder and miss out. The schools we will fund are called community schools because they are self-help initiatives run and managed by the local communities. Once up and running it is possible the Government may be persuaded to take on the cost of teachers’ salaries and eventually fund them fully.

What is the link to ActionAid?
ActionAid is a leading international development organisation working in over 45 countries worldwide. The UK is the main fundraising centre, the Head Office is in Johannesburg. Through their office in Sierra Leone they will manage the governance of the money, ensuring it is fully accounted for and spent to budget. ActionAid is a registered charity no.274467

Are you making money out of this?
No. Jerry Lockspeiser, Mike Paul and Cliff Roberson created The Millione Foundation as a not for profit business to run this project. Within the revenues received from the sale of the wine is a small margin to fund basic administration and communication activities like this website. Costs are kept to a minimum by participating stakeholder companies all working for a reduced margin.